America’s Cup

Life goes on, yes that’s right even though we didn’t win the Americas Cup, life does go on! It would have been a fantastic boost for our country (and hopefully the economy) if we had of brought the cup home but the reality was we were up against a man with very deep pockets who continued to pour money and resources into something until he got the result he wanted. Wouldn’t it be fantastic in business to basically have an unlimited budget to buy the components you needed to make your business more successful. The reality is none of us have that budget level so we need to keep focusing and improving on what we currently do to guide the business in the right direction. One of the initiatives we have embraced over the last 18 months is Lean Manufacturing. If you are unfamiliar with the term it is basically a Westernized label for what Toyota has been successfully doing for the last 60 years in regard to reducing waste, improved production efficiencies and having a system in place to continually improve on the achievements you are making. We are beginning to reap the rewards for changing our mind set and embracing what Lean has to offer. Our average turn around time is 9.2 days versus 16.5 when we started, we have fewer staff illnesses due to an improved mindset and we have a system in place that allows our staff to make suggestions regarding improvements that is actioned and monitored for results. We have only scraped the surface though of potentially where we go with this. Once you have Lean in place you never reach a natural conclusion as it is constantly pushing you to make adjustments on every aspect of your business and to look at ways to refine the improvements you have made. An unlimited budget would have certainly helped with the speed of changes we have made but it by no means has restricted the initiatives our team has suggested in regard to improvements. So thanks Larry anyway for showing us what very deep pockets can do but I think we will stick to our current way of building success…!

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