Bigger and better

The rebuild is well underway and finally us guys out on the peripheral edge of the construction industry are starting to see the benefits. There certainly appears to be a ‘freeing’ up of budgets as people realise that spending money helps generate money and this is being reflected in the steady increase of order sizes. It’s great that the economy seems to be on the improve it’s just a shame that we have had to go through an earthquake to facilitate this improvement. Coupled with constant road works, dust, traffic congestion and a general feeling of being lost when travelling through parts of our city we will be faced with many challenges for a while yet. Of course we can be thankful that no one within our organisation was hurt or killed in the earthquake and our building was left intact and functioning. We are excited by the prospect of being part of a brand new city and we know in 10 or so years Christchurch will be an advertisement for what modern cities can look like. The real challenge for us is to remain calm and composed as we have to deal with roads being open 1 day and then closed the next, your car constantly being covered in dust and understanding that hi-vis clothing is acceptable attire in restaurants, bars and cafés! Hang in there Cantabs!

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