DTG the way of the future…

The future has finally made it to Screen Concepts! Last month we installed our brand new Kornit Breeze DTG (direct to garment) printer. This machine is incredible, not only does it produce high resolution, multi coloured designs but it does them in a fraction of the time it would take to set up screens and print them conventionally. The ink system is also water based, can be stretched, and is suitable for going onto cottons, synthetics, leather, canvas and wool. In the States more and more companies are producing their T-shirts this way as there is a high demand for hi-res colourful designs without having to pay all the up front screen set up costs. We believe that there will be a demand for both screen printing and digital for a period of up to 5 years then if you haven’t embraced digital technology at that point you will disappear. The top companies in the States are doubling their digital production every 2 months so obviously there is huge interest in this process!

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