Within our textile operation we can direct print or heat apply onto most types of fabric and made up garments, and can produce print solutions that will be effective and durable.

Over the years we have been faced with some very interesting requests so you can guarantee that there is a good chance we have developed a screen printing process to produce the desired result.

As fabrics continue to develop from a technical point of view we are continually refining the processes we print on them. Merino, wool mixes and sporting type polyesters are now some of the most popular fabrics we print on to so with that in mind we have produced some outstanding results in both solvent and water based inks. We are constantly investing time back into our screen print processes to ensure we have ‘fresh’ looks being produced.

We have also included in our print process range the option for discharge printing. Discharge ink is a water based product that is formulated to deactivate the dyes used on natural fabrics. You have probably seen many shirts with a very soft print that looks like the colour of natural cotton – this is discharge printing. Discharge screen printing can be used to print colors on dark garments that in the past would have required an additional layer of white ink in order to achieve proper opacity of top colours.

If you are unsure whether the fabric or garment you have is suitable for screen printing let us know the fabric type, colour and print placement and we will come back with some suggestions.

We also have a graphic design service available so are more than happy to assist with your logo, brand or event design.